Who We Are

Centre for Dignity (CFD) is a consulting, training and policy research institution with a specialised focus on the Corporate and Development sector. Our goal is to deliver strategic, actionable and comprehensive insights through evidence-based research to drive impactful performance into programmatic activities and interventions.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop solution to the varied needs of the Corporate and Development Sector with a chain of lined services.

Our Mision

Our Mission is to carve out a niche space for high-quality research and evidence-based solutions that address the complexities in achieving the goals of the Socially Responsible Corporate and Development Sector.

What We Do

With an inclusive and people-centric approach, we assist governments, policymakers and practitioners in making informed decisions to deal with contemporary development and corporate challenges. CFD has been working with Communities, Governments, Organisations and Corporate entities in evidence-based decision-making by providing reliable data and research via qualitative and quantitative methods.

Program Evaluation

CFD conducts exhaustive evaluations of corporate programmes and initiatives to assess their efficacy, relevance, sustainability, and efficiency. For the purpose of this evaluation, we employ collection and analysis of data, so that the strength and short-comings of the programmme are identified and further recommendations for the programmes enhancements can be made. Learn more

Impact Assessment

We assist corporations in measuring and comprehending the impact of their activities on stakeholders such as employees, customers, communities, and the environment. This includes evaluating social, economic, and environmental impacts and identifying areas where corporate initiatives are positively impacting society.
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Data Collection and Analysis

We help corporations gather, manage, and analyze programme data. This may entail survey design, interviews, focus groups, and data analysis.
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Capacity Building

We provide training and capacity-building to corporate leaders and workers in developing their skills in assessment and data analysis. This encourages corporates in fostering a culture of evidence-based decision-making and regular improvements.
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Sustainability and CSR

We help companies evaluate and improve their sustainability and CSR initiatives. This covers environmental impact evaluations, analysis of supply chain practices, social and economic impacts of CSR programs.
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Reporting and Communication

We help corporations with the preparation of clear and concise reports that convey evaluation findings, impact assessments, and performance monitoring outcomes to internal and external stakeholders. This helps clients in maintaining transparency and accountability.
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Our Focus Areas

Our Clients

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